Multi SkillZ for Gym, for a unique gym experience!

Do you want to encourage creativity in your lessons? Do you want new ideas to help kids learn and have a good time while doing it? Do you want fun classes full of energy?

Multi SkillZ for Gym offers the coach and the gymnasts great value!

What is it?
  • The ultimate tool for each trainer that strives for quality
  • An online video-database of exercises and games which allows children to
    • learn and discover together in a playful environment
    • develop motor skills and basic skills for gymnastics in a fun and effective way
With this tool you can…
  • Make gymnastics even more fun!
  • Stimulate innovation and creativity in the gym
  • Support the coaches in your club
  • Reduce drop-out of gymnasts
What do you get?
  • User-friendly web platform
  • More than 200 varied, challenging and (inter)active drills and games
  • Structured in movement themes
  • Four variations of every single exercise or game
  • Infinite inspiration!

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